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Damien Blochet
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Damien Blochet For having managed to mix several influences that I love this album and this band simply, it motivates me to make music in my turn. Favorite track: Compass.
Ben Newell
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Ben Newell An expert blend of riffs and ska. I feel no shame in admitting I'm exceptionally jealous of these guys! Favorite track: Compass.
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Amp Nice little chunk of hiphopskacoremadness. Favorite track: Compass.
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    8/10 sound revolution
    'ClayPigeon are heroes' sonic boom six
    'sounds like ultravox' cecile
    'best band in Britain
    nah, 7th best band
    name 6 better bands
    exactly, the best band in Britain' - Smokey Bastard

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released April 1, 2012

Produced by Pete Miles and Claypigeon
Engineering by Pete Miles and John Victor
Mixed and Mastered by Pete Miles

Mouth- Vocals/ Guitar
Big John- Bass/ Vocals/ Organ
AK47- Drums/ Vocals

Artwork by Harry Yeff and Luke Cano

Skunk Rock Records 2012



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Luck & Chance & Gambling
its not like poetry flows from me...
but i'm trying to find an opening in aid of helping coping with dreams too big to express vocally
nothing external can focus me
so i cling to branches of hope and see
light pour through from the canopy
try to keep one hand from stability
with feet floating on nothing but hope and freedum de dum de dum!
continue avoiding a dim view until we're done dum dun dom dim sung.

don't brace for impact, embrace the impact!
tension makes for breaking bones - you've got to let yourself go.

there's light in the dark and ying in the yang
i try to explain this while staying light on my feet and right where i stand
i've not even began
my plans for the unplanned
stretching so much further than my wingspan
oh man, i don't know if my dreams
stretch further than the reach of my arms
or if my goals will fold...

but that's life and time and science and not something that i can control...
yes that's luck and chance and gambling and a little bit of who you know!

you know we're driving blind - don't make no nevermind
cos how can you be lost if you don't know what you're trying to find?
Track Name: Some Go Stealing
opportunity sure has been levelled
but you still gotta serve someone... and i don't wanna serve the devil!
don't you know i put so much time in
to keep moving without trying climbing
when life is 100 per cent timing... its tiring.
well i never believed in a right and a wrong for the birth of a song or the path you walk on - there's too broad a spectrum to define.
and tagging along without moving things on in an effort to belong, that just can't last long - i'll end up without anything that's mine!

some go to work
and some go stealing
but that can't last
you can't keep stealing!

exchanging exciting for recycling and belt-tightening
nothing provocative or inciting
is there nothing new left to do except for view the old in different lighting?
is this the death of writing?
are the new fish just not biting?
is the idea of using new bait now replaced with chucking more, cheaper bait right in?

some go to work
and some go stealing
but that won't last
you can't keep stealing!
Track Name: Compass
these days many of us lost in the wilderness lacking vision
still many of the blind are claiming divine vision and foresight,
like only they can see right.
and they shout the loudest so our paths are rewritten
no longer do we wander down the paths we were given
now its microwaves microchips fossil fuel emissions
some people only stop to look if they see something glisten
like material existence is the end and beginning
like they won't be held accountable so why make decisions that won't involve their best interests if they won't later be bitten...

well is the whole point
to do good for the sake of hurting none, or...
just not to get caught
try and get away with what you've done...

just cos you ain't got no goddamn god you don't gotta act so goddamn godless!

some of them come and they have got no moral compass
some of them come and they try to test mine
so of them come thinking when the fun is done, then the wicked that they've done goes... ( )

well some of them come and they're a closed book,
caught up in the net of how their clothes look...
never stopping to think that the hook might lead to the deck,
many fishes getting hooked by the neck!
now take a look at what's left
when you try to fill a hole in your soul with a whole lot of gold round your neck
don't matter about the ins and the outs and the doubts
take away a higher meaning and there's just nothing left
acting like being free of a deity means no justice and no peace, well i beg to disagree...

as we're losing touch
as we fall into the future
a step back is taken
replacing faces with computers...!
we all lose soon
boom and bust and then BOOM
one final denial and we'll all be consumed in monsoon!